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Tips to Find the Best Microblading in Dallas

Your brow shape defines your face. Even a no-makeup look requires a daily routine. You have to shape and fill your brows to achieve a polished appearance, whether you're heading into the office, conducting meetings on Zoom, or running errands. But the time it takes to do your brows every day, and the cost of beauty products, adds up over time. The best microblading gives your brows a semi-permanent full and defined appearance.

How does microblading work?

When many people think about permanent makeup, they remember the tattooing from the Nineties and Aughts. The lines were thick, bold, and looked unnatural. Since then, the equipment and techniques used for permanent makeup have greatly improved.

Nurses and estheticians have spent years perfecting their technique at A Nurse's Touch Spa. They use hand needles to graze the upper layer of skin to create natural-looking hair strokes. We use an array of natural pigments and subtle shading to perfectly match your brow color to create dynamic, natural-looking brows.

We offer several different brow styles, including:

  • Nano needle permanent brows
  • Infinity brows
  • Microblading
  • Ombre fade permanent brows

We'll help you choose the ideal brow for your aesthetic, skin type, and lifestyle.

Alisha Lombard by Reece van der Merwe

What happens during a microblading appointment?

When you arrive for your appointment, one of the team members at A Nurse's Touch Spa will work with you to map your face and outline a natural, full brow. Our clients are in complete control of their brow shape, thickness, and style. You can pick the perfect color to give your face an appearance that reflects your inner self.

Then, the esthetician will use a microneedle to fill in your brows with hair strokes and shading. Most appointments last around two hours, with most of the time dedicated to mapping and drawing the brows to ensure the shape is perfect and the client is thrilled with the final appearance.

How long do brows last?

There are no guarantees with permanent makeup. How long microblading lasts depends on the skin type and age of the client, with typical results from six to eighteen months. Some clients' results last for up to three years. However, if a client is over sixty or has oily skin, the microblading may fade sooner.

At A Nurse's Touch Spa, we combine permanent brow powder with microblading for longer-lasting results regardless of the skin condition.

While touch-ups after several years may be necessary, the time is still considerably less than drawing or filling in your brows every day. The results are more natural-looking than makeup can achieve.

Finding the best microblading in Dallas

Not all spas that provide microblading offer the same quality of results. When you're paying for permanent makeup results, you want to know that you'll look your best for the next three years. Here are a few ways to ensure you receive the best microblading in Dallas.

  • Services from estheticians and permanent makeup specialists
  • Customizable options during the service
  • A spa run by professionals with medical training

Texas only requires a tattooing license to provide permanent makeup services. However, a tattoo is a wound that should be treated as such. A Nurse's Touch Spa offers unparalleled support before, during, and after our microblading services in Dallas.

A Nurse's Touch Spa provides the best microblading in Dallas-Fort Worth with skilled services from licensed nurses.

We're an award-winning spa providing elite beauty services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our staff comprises experienced nurses and estheticians. We offer beauty services unrivaled anywhere else in the country. We help our clients to reveal their inner beauty with permanent makeup, facials and skincare, and brow treatments. If you have areas of your face and body that make you self-conscious, A Nurse's Touch Spa offers a wide range of treatments to reveal your best self for total confidence.

Want fuller, shapely brows? A Nurse's Touch Spa offers the best microblading in Dallas.

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