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Aftercare for Permanent Eyeliner: A Guide From a Fort Worth Spa

Aftercare is the most important part of permanent eyeliner treatment. While eyeliner is easier to heal compared to other types of permanent makeup, if you want to achieve the best possible result, you’ll want to take the time to understand proper aftercare.

If aftercare steps aren’t followed correctly, you could put yourself at risk of a possible infection. To help you understand exactly what you can expect following permanent eyeliner treatment, A Nurses Touch in Fort Worth has created this guide.

How long can you expect healing to take?

You can expect the healing process to take around four to six weeks. During this time, you’ll experience scabbing and flaking. It’s important to not rub or scratch your eyes while the permanent eyeliner is healing.

You will also need to actively moisturize and clean the area depending on your skin, your makeup artist's instructions, and the healing route you choose to take.

Permanent Eyeliner Healing Stages

Not everyone will experience the same exact healing process. Because everyone’s skin reacts differently to the treatment, your experience may be slightly different than someone else’s. Though most people progress through these common healing phases.

Day 1

On the very first day and right after your appointment, the color of your eyeliner is going to appear much darker than when it is fully healed. Likewise, your eyeliner will appear larger. Part of this is because your eyes will look and feel a little swollen. You might also experience sensitivity to lights and have bloodshot eyes. You’ll be fine to drive home and go about the rest of your day as you normally would, however.

While swelling is normal for the first couple of days, if swelling persists, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. You can also call us to find out if what you’re experiencing is normal.

Days 2-3

On days two to three, you’ll likely wake up a little puffy, and your eyeliner may feel tight and dry, but it shouldn’t be too painful. To help ease the puffiness, you can try sleeping on an incline or applying a cool compress.

Days 3-5

At this stage, you’re going to begin experiencing flaking and scabbing. This is a sign that your skin is beginning to heal! And, while the eyeliner color will appear lighter and smaller as it is healing, this is normal, and will eventually reach the desired color after healing is complete.

Days 6-10

Here, the color of your eyeliner will begin to look like the final, desired shade. Depending on how well your skin is healing at this point, your aftercare process may vary.

Flaking may continue to take place after the fifth day, but it may also finish earlier. However, if something seems off or doesn’t feel right, be sure to see a medical professional.

The 6 Week Mark

After 6 weeks have passed, your permanent eyeliner will be fully healed. At this time, you can come in for follow-up appointments. Any adjustments like color darkening or changes to the shape can be completed at your follow-up.

Dry healing or wet healing for permanent eyeliner?

There are two main aftercare methods for permanent eyeliner: dry and wet. Both are similar to what they sound like.

Dry Healing

Dry healing was the most popular method before wet healing was available. Dry healing involves keeping your permanent eyeliner dry at all times. For this method, you’ll be cleaning the area during the first few days and then keeping it dry. It’s a great method for naturally oily skin and busy individuals.

But your color may be slightly uneven when healing is complete.

Wet Healing

Wet healing involves cleaning the area throughout the day, and applying a healing gel. While you’ll end up will less scabbing and your eyeliner will be more even, wet healing involves more steps and attention than dry healing.

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