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How are med spas different from day spas?

Confidence is everything in the world today. But you’re not alone if you struggle to feel confident in your social media feeds, at work, or even hanging out with friends. Many people need help to get their external appearance to reflect their inner beauty. Spa treatments can exfoliate and hydrate skin, shape brows, and offer relaxation in a busy schedule. But for permanent alterations to your appearance, you may consider an appointment with a med spa in Dallas-Fort Worth.

What is a med spa?

When you arrive at a med spa, the experience may feel similar to a traditional day spa. There’s the same spa environment, but the staff and treatments differ significantly. Both types help clients relax and provide beauty treatments. However, med spas address the underlying issues with long-lasting or even permanent treatments.

A day spa offers incredible relaxation and can improve appearance for a day or week, but med spas provide more lasting solutions for clients.

The staff has medical training and are either nurses or licensed estheticians. A medical professional or nurse performs the procedure when you’re undergoing treatment at a med spa.

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What services can you get at a med spa?

Day and med spas offer many different services, which is why most individuals need treatments from both to look and feel their best. You can get facials, nail treatments, and massages at a traditional day spa. You only need to undergo most treatments once for permanent results at a med spa.

Facial treatments

Unlike the topical treatments at a day spa, the facial treatments at a med spa go deeper to address the skin’s condition. Typical facial treatments include:

  • Microneedling: creates microscopic channels in the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen production to improve scar tissue and hyperpigmentation.
  • Dermaplaning: uses a scalpel to exfoliate the skin and eliminate peach fuzz and vellus hair.
  • Chemical peels: uses FDA-approved chemicals to control the shedding of the skin on the face to reveal new, youthful cells.
  • Electrolysis: get the only FDA-approved treatment for the removal of unwanted hair.

Med spas also offer traditional facials but use clinical products for unparalleled results that aren’t available from day spas.

Permanent makeup

If you want to spend less time on your makeup before heading out for the day, permanent makeup can highlight your best features and streamline your morning routine. Med spas offer permanent makeup services, including:

  • Eyelash tinting to highlight your eyes without the hassle of mascara
  • Eyebrow treatments: microblading, powder brows, and permanent hair strokes
  • Lip lining and blushing for subtle, permanent color on your lips

Permanent makeup generally lasts for years before a touchup is required. You can get subtle, natural-looking makeup highlighting your brow shape, eyelashes, and lips.

During a consultation at a med spa, a medical professional will recommend treatments to reveal your inner beauty in your external appearance. A med spa can help let your authentic, confident self shine by improving skin condition and highlighting your best features.

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